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I know a lot has been said about the Wii, both positive and negative. And I will be the first, and not the only person who will agree with a lot of the software that graces Nintendo’s motion controlled console was crap. Utterly terrible games that even drunken people couldn’t have fun with. With all the horrid games that were on the Wii, There were some gems that shown through the piles of shovel-ware, This is the list of our Top Five Wii games EVER!

There were many, many great games on the Wii and it is truly hard to cut those down to just 5 games. I will give some honorable mentions at the end of this list of games that I thought were fantastic, but just not up to par to be on this list. I know a lot of people will disagree with this list, and I would love to hear your thoughts and complaints about it in the comment section. Let me hear you, and now on to the list!


At Number Five: Madworld from Platinum Games.

Nintendo needed a “M”ature rated game badly for the Wii, and Platinum games stepped up with a very mature rated game in Madworld. It’s a game based around killing anything, and everything in sight and in the bloodiest way imaginable. The main gimmick of the game is to discover the most inventive ways to massacre people, Like a puzzle but using your enemies arms and legs as the pieces. The other main draw to the game was the art style, mainly in black and white, with the only real color coming from the increasing spurting, and pools of blood, This game is no doubt one of the best and definitely a must play game for the Wii.


At Number Four: Super Smash Brothers Brawl from Nintendo.

Super Smash Brothers 64, and Super Smash Brothers Melee garner a huge following no matter where you go, and when Nintendo announced Super Smash Brothers Brawl the hype and Nintendo world were on top of the world. After a few delays the game released to much fanfare and rightfully so. When you look past the lackluster(and very laggy at times) online play, the game sports a very solid campaign mode and long with the ever fun local competitive modes of its predecessors. Brawl deserves to be on any list of great games, specially on this list.


At  Number Three: World of Goo 
by 2D Boy.

Back when the Indie game scene wasn’t as popular and mainstream as it is today, 2D Boy released World of Goo onto the WiiWare and PC(mac) world to critical acclaim. Who doesn’t love to make structures out of balls of goo. A very simple physics based puzzle game with incredible depth to the levels, it’s enough that even the most casual of casual would enjoy it, as well as the hardest of the hardcore. It is a must play game for anyone owning a Wii, and if you don’t have a Wii anymore, download it for your PC.


At Number Two: Xenoblade Chronicles by Monolith Soft

Role Playing Games are almost always a deep investment, that is if they are good. Nintendo didn’t believe this game warranted an investment to be released anywhere but Japan originally until a group of avid games demanded Nintendo localize it. They eventually won and we got Xenoblade Chronicles. It’s a science fiction action RPG, it has a very engaging story line with beautiful graphics, fantastic voice acting, and very likable characters. The game got highly rated from everyone who reviewed it, and has proven itself as a title every RPG fan should play at least once.


At Number One: Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 by Nintendo.

Coming in at Number one is, whats this? Two games. Yes, Both Super Mario Galaxy 1 and Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii will get this top honor on this list. Very rarely does a game come out that does every thing so well, that is what Super Mario Galaxy did. From the gameplay, to the graphics, to the well.. the story could be done better but it’s a Mario platformer. Super Mario Galaxy had everything you could want from a Mario game, rated as on of the highest games all time pretty much everywhere. Then Nintendo announced the sequel to it and well, they outdid themselves with part 2. They also reintroduced Yoshi to the main Mario series, and that makes any game 10 out of 10 material. If you own a Wii, and have never played the Galaxy series you are missing out on some planet hopping, psychics based fun.

Well, there you go. That is our list of the top 5 Wii games EVER! All these are games that we believe everyone should play and own. On to the honorable mentions then. I know a lot of people are going to be upset that we omitted the two Zelda games from this list, but it’s just a Top 5 and we think that the games above are better than Zelda. Mario Kart could easily be included on any top games list, for any system. No More Heroes,  de Blob, and Boom Blox also deserve a nod as being awesome must play games for the Wii. Let us hear your comments, and thoughts in the comment section. I will try to personally respond to every comment, maybe.


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    I am definitely one of those people who thinks Zelda is a better choice for the list than a few of these other titles. Skyward Sword was an incredible game, the pacing was great, nearly flawless dungeon design and a great story make it my favourite Wii game by far. I don’t really count Twilight Princess as a Wii game because although it was released for the system, it was developed for the GCN (not to mention it has no business on a top 5 list. It was solid but nothing to be too excited about.)

    My biggest issue here is definitely with Smash Bros. Brawl, but I am a little biased. I play and enjoy the game- as a party game/time waster it is right up there with Mario Kart. My issue with the game is its rough competitive scene. I know a few people who play competitive smash and most people still compete with Melee because it lacks the issues Brawl does. The fact that they produced a game in a series known for being a competitive title with little focus on balance or mechanics would definitely keep me from giving it a top five placement.

    But that is just my opinion~! Overall, a pretty good list! The only title here I haven’t played is Mad World but that is because I really am more of a PC gamer nowadays, my Wii really only gets dusted off when there is company over.