Nintendo Download Highlights April 23, 2015

by Raymond

This weeks Nintendo Downloads include updates, and more DLC for Mario Kart, a new character for Super Smash Brothers, another classic for Wii U’s virtual console, and an interesting Cube. For Mario Kart 8, we get an update and the second DLC Pack, titled DLC Pack 2. Clever name I know, but isn’t Nintendo known… Read the full article

A Few Reasons To Buy A Wii U in 2015

by Raymond

So, when Nintendo’s Wii U console launched back in 2012, many in the gaming world were ecstatic that Nintendo was finally joining the HD world. There were others who were skeptical that Nintendo knew what they were doing releasing a new console a year before their two competitors did, but it worked for Microsoft so why… Read the full article


Super Smash Land Review

by Raymond

Every once in a while ,someone comes up with an idea for a game. An idea that has been done before, but when it’s done this time, it’s something completely different. That is what Super Smash Land for the PC is. Designed as a ‘demake’ of the original Smash Brothers game, it looks and plays… Read the full article