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Will a staggered release hurt Nintendo?

Super Smash Brothers 4

That’s the question that immediately game to mind when Nintendo announced that the two versions of their upcoming mega hit, Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS, would be releasing at separate times.  Could a staggered release of the two versions of the game truly hurt Nintendo and the sales of the latter? Nintendo plans to release the 3DS ...

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Nintendo shutting down Wii & DS Online -Updated-


While the Wii and DS didn’t exactly have what most would call a robust online experience, it did come with a good few games that had online capabilities. Nintendo has announced, on its website today, that it was going to be shutting down the online component of the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS game systems, along with many of its ...

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Nintendo Weekly Downloads 02/20/14


Wii U Retail Releases Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze ($49.99) Help Donkey Kong and his friends save their home and banana hoard from marauding Vikings in the Donkey Kong Country™: Tropical Freeze game from Retro Studios. All the challenging ground-pounding, barrel-blasting, side-scrolling mine cart action from the Donkey Kong Country series is back along with a bushel of new game play elements and features.   ...

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Here comes the (Sonic) BOOM!

Sonic Boom

Sonic the Hedgehog fans were definitely given a shocking jolt of energy today when the new game/ TV series was debuted today by SEGA. There have been mutterings around the Internet of a Sonic game coming to Next Gen systems for a while now, so, the debut was no surprise. What wasn’t expected was the fairly dramatic makeover Sonic and ...

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Wii U priced dropped by GameStop


Specialty game retailer GameStop has slashed priced on two of its Wii U bundled by $50. Both the original Deluxe Wii U that comes with Nintendoland and the 8GB Skylanders bundles have been dropped in price to $249.99. While it’s not unusual for these types of sales during the holidays, this should spurn sales for the sluggish next gen console, ...

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New Wii U Bundle Launches November 1′st.


Nintendo is set to release a new bundle for it’s struggling Wii U console. Since launching the Wii U Deluxe Model has been shipped with Nintendo Land, while a very promising title, it’s not exactly a system seller. After dropping the price of the Wii U to $299.99 and releasing a bundle including Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Nintendo ...

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Sonic Lost World, Sonic finally running in the right direction?


Sonic the Hedgehog is speeding back onto your television screen this October with Sega’s new title, Sonic Lost World. Nintendo is publishing it as an exclusive for its flopping Wii U console and the more successful 3DS, releasing on October 29th. It’s been a long time since the classic 16 bit days of the blue blur and time has not ...

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Pokemon X/Y Edition Nintendo 3DS releasing in the US


GameStop today started taking preorders on the limited edition Pokemon X/Y 3DS handheld game system. The system, recently only available in Japan will retail for 199.99 and launches on September 27th. It will come in both blue and red XL versions and feature special Pokemon graphics. It will not include a copy of Pokemon X or Y, which will be ...

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