PSP is officially dead!


As with every generation that changes, Our old friend the PlayStation Portable’s time has come to and end. Sony may have moved on to the Vita, and many people had yet to forget their old friend. It seems now that the PSPs time has come, starting September 1’st of this year GameStop is going to stop taking trades on the console, and it’s games and accessories, signalling the end of their support for the system.

The PSP launched way back at the end of 2004, and beginning of 2005 for most the world and was facing an uphill climb against rival Nintendo. While the PSP did get ousold by a lot by the Nintendo DS, it did have its fair share of awesome titles and some unique features that made it a must have for gamers.


If you wanna get rid of your PSP games, accessories or systems.. do it now before its too late.


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